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The British Council delivers expert-led workshops around international education for young people and professionals across Wales.

Through these, we aim to raise awareness of global issues, promote open debate the sharing of experiences, and inspire participants to understand their role as global citizens.

We work with partner organisations to deliver these workshops, including Christian Aid Wales, Oxfam Cymru and the Council for Education in World Citizenship.

Youth workshops

Young learners are recognised as a major stakeholder within the IEP. ChangeMakers workshops designed and delivered by CEWC, Oxfam Cymru, Christian Aid and Fair Trade Wales,with the support of Local Education Authorities, collaborate with young people from participating schools and aim to raise awareness of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) themes and priorities.

ChangeMakers has provided an opportunity for students in Wales to learn about issues on topics such as global food security and mineral exploitation in Africa, giving them the confidence to question, defend and challenge ideas on key global matters. Students are inspired to develop further actions in their schools/colleges that will contribute to global change.

Professional networking workshops

Workshops for teachers/practitioners are used to promote ESDGC in schools and to enable the sharing of experience, ideas and resources from different parts of Wales.  “Unpacking Africa” workshops have been delivered for two consecutive years by Cyfanfyd and have enabled key participants to shape the agenda for a full ESDGC conference in Wales.   Practitioners are given the opportunity to reflect on change in Africa, work together on ESDGC learning priorities and share experiences through an “Africa learning network”.

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