Two school pupils sitting at a desk writing

We are pleased to announce a very exciting opportunity for primary schools to bring languages and cultures to life in their classroom, and a chance to win prizes through our multilingual story writing competition.

The competition is open to all primary schools in Wales for pupils from year three up to year six. 

The story must:

  • Be based around the topic of healthy living
  • Contain three languages: English, Welsh and a foreign language of your choice
  • Include the culture of the foreign language used 
  • Be illustrated

How to enter: 

  • You need to use one of the templates below. Years three and four must use the comic book template, and years five and six must use the booklet template. 
  • Each school can submit one entry per year group 


  • We have created resources based around healthy eating to help you with the competition, using these is optional. You might prefer to cover other topics on the theme of healthy living.

What will we be looking for?

  • Multilingual approach: all languages should be used in similar amounts throughout the story
  • Evidence of  learning about a new culture
  • Creative stories with great illustrations
  • Cross-curricular learning (e.g. humanities, geography, well-being, science, etc.) 

Award criteria

  • Multilingual approach: 30 points
  • Evidence of learning about a new culture: 30 points
  • Creative stories with great illustrations: 20 points
  • Cross-curricular learning: 20 points


  • Runner up (each year group): published book containing the winning and the runner-up's stories 
  • Year group winners: book voucher worth £150 for the school library, and published book containing the winning and the runner-up's stories 
  • Overall winner: book voucher worth £250 for the school library, published book containing the winning and the runner-up's stories, and their story being brought to life as an animated video.   

All winners will be invited to a celebration event where they will receive their prizes. 

International School Award

What you need to send:

  • Your school’s entries: all submissions must be sent as original copies using the templates provided, clearly identifying your school and year group. If submitted by an individual pupil in the year group, please include their name.
  • The completed teachers’ feedback form
  • Your school's full address and contact details 


  • All entries must be sent to us by 3 April 2020 (this is the latest postage stamp on the package). 

Post entries to

  • British Council Wales Education Team. 1 Kingsway, 2nd Floor. Cardiff, CF10 3AQ