Future Leaders Connect - the global network for emerging policy leaders

Future Leaders Connect is a long-term programme to build a community of emerging leaders from around the world who have big ideas and want to change the world through policy making.

Through Future Leaders Connect, we will support a network of exceptional young people (aged 18-35) to develop their policy making and leadership expertise, and help them to make valuable global connections. We hope that the skills they learn will help them to tackle the challenges they face in their regions, and make a positive impact. 

Sir Ciarán Devane, the Chief Executive of the British Council, said: 

An international outlook is vital for the future leaders of all countries, if they wish to overcome the challenges they will face. Through Future Leaders Connect the British Council will help a new generation to understand practical policy development by putting them in contact with the leaders of today. The programme will help them to develop the skills and international contacts they need to make positive change in their countries.

Future Leaders Connect 2017 

Fifty Future Leaders Connect 2017 members were chosen from 11,000 applications from around the world – two of whom were from Wales. 

Welsh members 

Nikki Giant

Nikki Giant is based in Cardiff, Wales, and is the founder and director of Full Circle Education, a social enterprise that connects children and young people to their potential through a range of educational and extra-curricular programmes to raise aspirations, attainment and school attendance. Nikki is also the founder of a new sister organisation, Girls Circle, which aims to educate, elevate and empower girls and young women across the UK. 

Nikki is the author of three educational books produced by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, and the author of a young adult novel, ‘Hello Me’ which will be published in 2018. 

Nikki was named as a ‘Rising Star’ by Business Insider Wales and listed as one of Wales Online’s ‘35 under 35’ business women in 2015.  Nikki is an ambassador for the organisation Girl Rising, which seeks to empower girls across the globe. 

In 2016 Nikki launched the first ‘Manifesto for Girls’ Rights in Wales’, calling for better support for girls, and more recognition of the challenges still facing girls and young women across the country. She envisions Wales to be the world’s first gender-equal country, to create a more equal and prosperous society for all. 

Jack Gillum

Jack Gillum is currently a 3rd year student at the University of Reading studying for his degree in Politics and International Relations. 

Jack from Knighton in Wales, was recently awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to research the role of civil society in policy making. 

Jack also sits on a number of charity boards focused on working to raise youth engagement in areas which affect their life. This includes the Campaign for the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales (CYPAW) and the Smart School Council Community. 

He has a range of experience of the UK political system from campaigning during elections and is currently interning for a backbench Member of Parliament. Jack as a Trustee of CYPAW campaigned for the creation of a Youth Assembly in Wales which received support both from the United Nations CRC and more importantly the National Assembly for Wales late last year. 

Jack’s global vision for change is to see an increased level of civic participation in the policy process at all levels of governance as it is important to close the ‘loop’ and make sure that citizens have the ability to be heard at all levels of the policy process. 

Future Leaders Connect 2017

During October 2017, the Future Leaders Connect members met for the first time in the UK for a nine-day leadership and policy skills programme.  

Members travelled from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya

, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, USA and across the UK to be a part of the global network of emerging policy leaders.

They met with world leaders, and ambassadors and had the opportunity to visit 10 Downing Street and the UK Houses of Parliament.

The members discussed major global policy issues and collaborated to produce innovative policy recommendations. 

While at the UK Houses of Parliament, the members took part in discussions and debate with UK politicians and policy makers to address some of the world’s most urgent issues. 

There was also a special event with the Elders, who are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rounds, which was founded by Nelson Mandela a decade ago.

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