This year’s Future Leaders Connect programme (FLC) will take place from 21 October – 31 October 2019 and will bring together 50 young policy makers aged between 18-35 from Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Tunisia, USA and across the UK to be a part of the global network of emerging policy leaders. 

Future Leaders Connect is a long-term programme to build a community of emerging leaders from around the world who have big ideas and want to change the world through policy making.

Our two members from Wales are: Ellen Rose Jones and Eoghan O'Regan. Ellen, originally from Mold in North Wales is a Senior Policy Officer at Sustrans Cymru and Eoghan from Anglesey in North Wales is a lawyer at the Welsh Government. 

They will join the other future leaders from around the world, the programme agenda includes advanced policy and leadership development at the Møller Institute at the University of Cambridge as well as meetings at Westminster to discuss today’s biggest global challenges, meetings with world leaders and the chance to visit influential UK institutions.

As part of the selection process, both had to outline one major global change they would like to see over the next five years.

Ellen’s vision is to change the way in which we plan our urban environments so that they focus on the needs of people rather than cars.  Ellen said ‘If we make our environments more pleasant to spend time in and improve infrastructure for walking, cycling and public transport, we will reduce the impact of transport on our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health and wellbeing of our population, and live happier more connected lives’. 

‘I am over the moon to have been selected to represent Wales, this programme is going to give me access to experiences and learning that I would not normally have had a chance to take part in, and to meet amazing people from around the world. I am hoping to be able to explore and refine my policy idea, to meet and learn from other future leaders and their experiences, and to make some friends along the way. It is important to connect to other future leaders from across the world as you can share your experiences and improve your policy ideas through understanding of wider issues'.

Eoghan’s vision for global change is for Wales to become an expert in coastal energy production and to find ways for this technology to be funded and implemented both in Wales (by chance, these opportunities arise in some of the poorer areas of Wales), and globally to help tackle climate change. It could assist developing nations through direct job creation, there is also the potential for these nations to export their energy. 

Eoghan said ‘By taking part in Future Leaders Connect, I hope to learn how to make this a reality and develop a network of people that can lead on this work’.

‘When I learnt that 13,000 people had applied, it crystalized what a real honour it was to represent Wales on the programme. My hope is that I can learn about best practices from people across the world and bring this back to my organisation. I am particularly keen to meet as many people as possible and develop a network of contacts across the globe in various sectors. My hope is that such a network can turbo charge my aspirations. I think people can get quite insulated in their ways and the cultures around them. By meeting people from around the world, you could learn from others and apply this in your home country. Furthermore, as the globe is getting smaller and smaller, future leaders will need to be aware of customs and the ‘ways of working’ of other nations if they are to succeed’. 

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