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In Wales 

Language Assistants

Language Assistants are native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian or Chinese. They can work with school pupils to improve their language skills, increase their cultural awareness and boost their confidence.

Across the world

Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme

Qualified teachers practising in Wales have the opportunity to teach or mentor pupils in Lesotho in Southern Africa, an opportunity to be immersed in another culture, and utilise and develop teaching skills in a different environment.

Welsh Language Project

The aim of the Welsh Language Project is to promote and develop the Welsh language in Patagonia, Argentina, by recruiting language development officers from Wales to undertake teaching placements in Patagonia’s Welsh speaking communities, and to provide training and leadership to the team of local tutors.

Teach English outside the UK

A unique opportunity for UK students and graduates to undertake a paid placement in one of many countries around the world, learn new skills and experience the culture of another country by living there.