Photo of African children in a classroom

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Teachers in Wales have the opportunity to help improve education in rural Lesotho in southern Africa for five months, an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, and utilise your teaching skills in a totally different environment. 

Since the programme launched in 1985, Wales and Lesotho have formed a strong bond, individuals, communities and organisations in both countries have all benefitted from the partnership. 

Each year teachers from Wales are given the chance to take the 8,600 mile trip to Lesotho; a country of just over two million people which is completely surrounded by South Africa, to visit schools and share skills. The project lasts for about six months – from January to June and is a fantastic opportunity to work in the mountainous region of Lesotho and share your experiences with schools in Wales.

The programme is run by Dolen Cymru and the British Council Wales through the Welsh Government's International Education Programme.

What does it involve

For its 2020 programme, there are three positions available for teachers/teacher trainers. They will be based in Thaba Tseka, a rural town in the highlands of Lesotho about 4 hours drive from the capital. 

Over a 5-month placement, they will share skills in teaching numeracy and literacy, mentor and train teachers and student teachers, and work with pupils to model best practice. During this time they will gain a unique insight into Basotho life, people and culture, which they will share with schools in Wales. 

They will build upon existing work done and create new partnerships in schools and in teacher training. Three Basotho teachers will have the opportunity to visit Wales upon their return, and they will help them become key change makers in their schools and community.

Visit our partner Dolen Cymru's website for further information