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The International Education Programme (IEP) is a programme funded by the Welsh Government and implemented by the British Council. The programme covers nursery, primary, secondary, further and higher education. Professionals and young people alike benefit through formal and non-formal international educational opportunities.

The aims and objectives of this programme are:

  • to provide individuals with knowledge and skills necessary to contribute in a global community
  • to increase awareness, attitudes and response to global learning 
  • to increase sustained collaboration between Wales and other countries
  • to improve educational levels and productive partnerships
  • to increase the employability of young people in Wales
  • to focus on key Welsh Government education policy priorities.

Participating programmes

Programmes available within the International Education Programme for schools, colleges and practitioners are:

  • Connecting Classrooms through global learning 
  • Language Assistants
  • International Professional Learning Communities
  • Welsh Language Project
  • Wales International Award Ceremony
  • Lesotho Teacher Placement Programme
  • Changemakers
  • Pupil Language Ambassadors
  • Global Leadership programme

Members of the advisory committee

The International Education Programme is supported by advice from a range of educational organisations in Wales, sharing expertise and intelligence to deliver a co-ordinated approach to the IEP activities. Current members include:

Learning Wales

For more information on Professional Learning Communities in Wales, please visit the Welsh Government website.

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