Horse drawn with Arabic calligraphy

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your classroom, why not check out these education packs – they’re all available in English and Welsh.

D-Day 80: Remembering the Normandy Landings

This classroom resource, developed for UK and French pupils, introduces the key events around the D-Day landings of 1944 and their impact on the people and places involved.

Arabic Language and Culture

The education pack is designed to help primary school teachers introduce aspects of Arabic language and culture to their pupils, including:

  • Well known Arabic fables, teaching students moral lessons
  • Counting to 10 in Arabic
  • Perfecting  pronunciation of Arabic greetings
  • Exploring the intricate geometric patterns of Arabic mosaics.

The Great Languages Challenge

Our Great Languages Challenge activity sheets are fun ways to learn about language and culture in your classroom. 

The activity sheets encourage pupils to find out facts about another country, learn new phrases in another language, and to learn about foods, sport, music, and songs in other cultures. 

There are activity sheets for French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Arabic and Welsh. 

  • Age suitability:  7 – 11 years, 11 – 14 years
  • Curriculum links:  Modern languages

The Windrush and Migration 

This pack contains ideas for discussion around migration. It focuses on the Windrush migration in 1948, celebrating the contribution that Caribbean migrants have made to the prosperity of Britain.

  • Age suitability: 4 – 7 years,  7 – 11 years, 11 - 14 years
  • Curriculum links: Art, PHSE/Citizenship, English, History

Rivers of the World

This pack contains river themed cross-curricular lesson ideas, aimed at upper primary and lower secondary students.

Chinese Year of the Tiger 2022

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we enter the Year of the Tiger on 1 February 2022. This education pack will help teachers, pupils, and parents learn more about this important spring festival and explore Chinese culture. 

You will find activities where you can learn about the South China tiger, make a kite, and take part in a Chinese language lesson. The pack is suitable for primary years and adaptable for early secondary years and older. 

Commonwealth Games 2022 Schools Resource 

This schools resource is designed to celebrate the Commonwealth Games of 2022 and the ongoing work that the Commonwealth is doing to improve the lives of its citizens. 

It is a cross-curricular programme designed for pupils aged 7-11 across the whole Commonwealth, developing their knowledge and understanding of what the Commonwealth stands for, the people and countries that make it up, and the work it is doing to improve access to high quality education for all of its young citizens, especially girls and young women.

 Patagonia 150

The Patagonia 150 education resource will help schools teach their pupils about Wales and Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia. The resource is designed for KS2 and KS3 pupils.

The resource was commissioned by the Welsh Government and produced by educational publishers Atebol Press.

* This resource is also available in Spanish.

Shakespeare Lives 

This pack was created by the British Council in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Specially designed to encourage learning across the curriculum, the resource is split into five key themes; Leadership and Power, Family and Relationships, Identity and Equality, Fate and Destiny, Justice and Rules.

• Age suitability: 7 – 11 years, 11 – 14 years

Double Club Football themed language resources

Language teachers and their pupils will enjoy working with these football themed education packs. Developed by Welsh Government in partnership with the Welsh Football Association and supported by British Council Wales, the packs will catch the attention of football mad youngsters! 

*The football packs are also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.