Wales’ theatre and dance companies are set to have another great year at the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

The Fringe - held in Edinburgh from 4 - 28 August 2019 is a huge opportunity for Wales’ performing arts companies to present their work to new audiences and to gain international recognition for their work. 

These are the Welsh companies which are independently showcasing their work in Edinburgh.  

How To Be Brave

Company: Dirty Protest
Venue: ROUNDABOUT @Summerhall 
Dates: 31 July, 2-5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-25 August 2019 
Running time: 60 minutes
Age guidance14+ (strong language/swearing) 

When Katie was little, she was brave: climbing trees and riding bikes too fast. Now Katie’s a mum, she must be brave in a new way. Determined her daughter will keep the fierce magic she arrived into the world with, Katie sets off on a mission around Newport with a stolen BMX, a policewoman with bad hair, and a pigeon in a bag. Siân Owen's one-woman play is about what we're made of and learning to be brave when your world’s falling apart.

‘From the company behind Fringe hit Sugar Baby’ **** (Scotsman, Times, Stage).



Company: Clock Tower
Venue: Venue 13
Dates: 10,11,13 - 17 August 2019
Running time: 50 minutes
Age guidance: 18+ (scenes of a sexual nature/swearing)

After a failed mutiny, three sailors find themselves cast adrift on a small piece of wood in the middle of the Atlantic; an angry Welsh doctor, a highly strung English first mate and a simple deckhand from the West Country. Together, they must to decide whether to sit and await rescue or paddle for their lives as they slowly die of hunger and madness, watched over by the Spirit of the Ocean... A show featuring wasps, clothing pegs and sexual references to spaghetti.



Company: The Unknown Theatre Company
Venue: Venue 13
Dates: 10,11,13 - 17 August 2019
Running time: 60 minutes
Age guidance: 14+

Whitechapel, 1888. No time to be a woman alone after dark. Psychopath on the loose; could be a surgeon,member of the Royal Family or mysterious man you're falling in love with. Nothing is certain. What's left for a working girl to do but take to the streets and make a song and dance about it? Musical thriller based on true events that occurred in that fateful year. ‘Contemporary take on a story that has horrified and fascinated generations.’ ***** (Guardian, for Jolly Folly of Polly the Scottish Trolley Dolly).


The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People

Company: Rhys Slade-Jones in association with the Pleasance and COMMON
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker One
Dates: 31 July, 1 - 26 August 2019
Running time: 60 minutes
Age guidance: 16+

The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People is an all-singing, all-dancing re-enactment of what Rhys's Mam wrote down 40 years ago. This frenzied one-man cabaret mixes stand-up, dance and good old-fashioned singalong to breathe life into his Mam's stories, and bring Treherbert rugby club back to life.


The Last Bubble

Company: Black Light Theatre Company
Venue: theSpace on North Bridge – Fife Theatre
Dates:  2-10, 12- 17 August 2019
Running time: 45 minutes
Age guidance: 14+

The Last Bubble tells the story of football enthusiast Rhys, who is fighting a battle with cancer, and his brother Callum whose time within the piece is spent creating a memorable project that is very close to his heart. The story represents the challenges that Rhys faces and how his battle not only affects him, but also the people who surround him. Throughout the piece, the relationships between the characters are tested as we witness how each of them copes with Rhys' struggle.

@TCBlackLight / #TheLastBubble

Unicorns, Almost

Company: The Story of Books
Venue: Army @The Fringe in Association with Summerhall – The Rec Room
Dates:  13 -18, 20 - 25 August 2019
Running time: 60 minutes
Age guidance: 12+

Unicorns, Almost is a one-man play by Owen Sheers about the life and work of WWII poet Keith Douglas. Let an immersive set and a 'wonderful performance' (Margaret Atwood) by Dan Krikler take you into Douglas' world, from childhood through four engagements to fighting in the Western desert and his death three days after D-Day aged 24. This is the story of the accelerated development of a poet and his desperate race to see his words in print before time runs out. Directed by John Retallack. Produced by The Story of Books.

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The Wrong Ffion Jones

Company: Ffion Jones
Venue: UnderBelly, Cowgate
Dates: 1 - 11, 13 - 25 August 2019
Running time: 60 minutes
Age guidance: 12+

Once famed for coal, copper and steel production, Wales's industry has now ground to a halt. All that's left to sell is Welsh pride, and even that is quickly drying up at the hands of business tycoons Bevan, Bevan, Bevan and co. Will Ffion sell her soul to be the 'face of Walesland', or will she summon the courage to revolt for the strange trouser-less child that appears in her dreams? A comedy about identity, capitalism and an accidental rebel.

@FfionJones88 / #WRONGFFION


Company: Conor Clarke McGrath
Venue: theSpace on North Bridge – Fife Theatre
Dates: 2,3, 5-10,12-17,19-24 August 2019
Running time: 50 minutes
Age guidance: 12+

Lock the door, turn up the radio, ignore the voice in your head. Stanley loves The Archers, and hates leaving the house. This solo show explores one man’s struggle to find his place in a world that’s rapidly changing around him. Before it’s too late. Before he gets left behind. Why not pop the kettle on? 

'A reality-bending play about a mind fragmenting in front of our eyes. Clarke McGrath throws Bennett against Beckett and emerges with a powerful and distinctive new voice' (Ryan Craig, Playwright, National Theatre).



Company: Benjamin McCann
Venue: Venue 13
Dates: 10-11, 13 - 17 August 2019
Running time: 45 minutes
Age guidance: 12+

Grit is in the grips of a full on nightmare so scared he can't feel the rubble beneath his bare feet. Step in to a new world with Benjamin McCann's debut Edinburgh Fringe show, Grit.