Sculpture of a monkey with arm pointing upwards
Facing 2018 ©

Polly Thomas

Facing is an exhibition by NS Harsha, one of India's leading artists, and is co-curated by Karen Mckinnon of Artes Mundi and Katy Freer of the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. 

This is the largest exhibition of his work in the UK, and includes the premiere of a work directly from the Sydney Biennale 2018 and another work specially conceived for the Glynn Vivian. 

The exhibition will also include the Future project, a collaborative workshop with local children and young people in which they will imagine their future by decorating over-sized shirts; representing what they will grow into. The shirts will then be on display as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition, free to attend, is showing at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea from 7 July - 9 September 2018. 

Harsha won the Artes Mundi prize in 2008. His work encompasses themes of both the local and the global, drawing together details of everyday life in his native India with world events and images we see on the news. 

His work draws our attention to the whimsical and the absurd as much as the tragic and to the internationally significant.  

Harsha works in painting, sculpture and installation, and is also inspired by a socially engaged practice, drawing communities into his work which echoes his generosity and spirit allowing the viewer to look at the world around them in a playful way.

Read an interview with the artist to gain greater insight into his work and take a virtual tour of the exhibition.

This project is part of India Wales, a joint initiative between Wales Arts International and the British Council that supports artistic collaboration and exchange between creative professionals and arts organisations in Wales and India. Find out more about India Wales. 

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