Children taking part in a dance project in Delhi
Children taking part in a dance project in Delhi ©

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About India Wales

India Wales is a joint initiative between Wales Arts International and the British Council that supports artistic collaboration and exchange between creative professionals and arts organisations in Wales and India. India Wales supports the broader UK India Year of Culture 2017 but also extends beyond.

The 70th anniversary of Indian independence in 2017 offers an important opportunity for Wales and India to refresh and strengthen existing relationships, to create new dynamic connections through artistic expression and to develop opportunities for new creative collaborations.

Increasing the value of international cultural exchange to Wales; celebrating Wales’ culture in its diversity across language, creative expression and engagement; building lasting and meaningful relationships across the globe through the arts – these are at the heart of India Wales. 

India Wales supports several projects, led by individual creative professionals and arts organisations from across Wales in collaboration with Indian partners, to develop and present work  across many art forms  connecting artists from across Wales with artists and audiences across India: from Bangor to Banglaore!

Alan Gemmell, Director India for the British Council has acknowledged the important role such artistic collaborations can play in building relationships between Wales and India.

Through our Year of Culture and India Wales we are doing three things: celebrating modern-day India’s relationship with Wales and the UK; connecting with young people in both countries and seeking to inspire them to build a relationship between India and Wales for the next 70 years. I hope we will also share the values of Wales with people in India creating new friendships and partnerships that stand us in good stead for the next 70 years

Projects we are supporting 

We are supporting a rich and diverse portfolio of projects that bring together leading artists and arts organisations from India and Wales. The programme features multiple art forms: theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, music and applied arts and craft. 

Many projects include high-profile public performances and live and digital showcases. Others are working directly with communities through workshops and touring. The programme began in early 2017 and will continue into 2018. 

They are all exciting and innovative collaborations that open up creative dialogue and reach new audiences in both countries.

Programme of projects: 

Cardiff Dance Festival (WALES) and Basement 21 (INDIA)


Interruption is a collaborative project by Cardiff Dance Festival and Basement 21 bringing together individual dance artists from India and Wales in a series of public residencies in Cardiff and performances at Cardiff Dance Festival 2017. Find out more


Chapter Arts/Coreo Cymru (WALES) and The Danceworx (INDIA)


Liminality will bring together Wales’ Coreo Cymru and 4pi Productions and Danceworx India to create a new 360° Fulldome dance film. It will involve a cast of over 40 dancers from India and Wales and will be filmed in coastal and urban locations in both countries. Discover more


Ffotogallery (WALES) and Nazar Foundation (INDIA)


Dreamtigers is a year long project during which Ffotogallery and the Nazar Foundation/Delhi Photo Festival will collaborate across a series of photographic residencies and curations. Find out more 


Jess Mathews and Melissa Hinkin (WALES) and CONA Foundation (INDIA)

The Rejoinders

The Rejoinders is a research network between Wales and India, exploring collaborative process, the visual arts and ‘in-between’ spaces. It will bring together artists from many creative practices to develop a series of events and residencies, and to create a digital platform for long distance exchange and dialogue. Find out more 

In collaboration with Shreyas Karle and Hemali Bhuta, Ranjit Hoskote, Nancy Adajania, Hetain Patel, Dr Jonathan Prior, Amanda Colbourne, Per Törnberg and Paul Goodfield, g39 (Wales), and University of Worcester.



Khamira tour

An ongoing collaboration between Welsh band Burum and three leading Indian musicians, Khamira weaves Jazz, Welsh folk melodies and Indian Classical. Working with India based agency, Gatecrash, the band will undertake an extensive tour in India and Wales. Find out more

Literature Across Frontiers (WALES) and various (INDIA)

Poetry Connections

Addressing the broad theme of independence, Wales based Literature Across Frontiers will work with a range of festivals, writers, publishers and translators across India and Wales to develop a series of collaborative exchange residencies, live performances and workshops with young people. Find out more 

Living Pictures (WALES) and QTP Entertainment (INDIA)

Diary of A Madman

In partnership with QTP Entertainment, Living Pictures will tour their production of Gogol’s Diary of a Madman across India and will develop a new show based on Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens following workshops with Indian and Welsh performers. Find out more 

National Theatre Wales (WALES) and Junoon Theatre (INDIA)


Sisters will be a brand new, contemporary work, co-created by National Theatre Wales and India’s Junoon Theatre, imagined by a group of artists from Wales and India whose cultural roots and histories are intrinsically linked. Discover more 


Parthian Books (WALES) and Bee Books (INDIA)

The Valley, The City, The Village

Publishers Parthian Books and Bee Books will develop The Valley, The City, The Village, a collaborative project between Welsh and Bengali writers. Engaging six writers from both countries in a series of residencies and live performances, the project will result in a trilingual publication of new writing in Bengali, English and Welsh. Find out more

Theatr Iolo (WALES) and ThinkArts (INDIA)

Theatre for Early Years and Babies

Kolkata based ThinkArts and Wales’ Theatr Iolo will partner to present Sarah Argent’s production for babies, Out Of the Blue, across India. They will also develop a new interactive visual exhibition and bring together artists from both countries to share skills and create new work aimed at early years audiences. Discover more 

Winding Snake Productions (WALES) and various (INDIA)

Rangoli: the art that binds

Winding Snake Productions will partner with artists in India and Wales to explore the importance of art within our changing social environment. The artform of Rangoli will provide the focus for a project connecting female community and youth groups in both countries and will culminate in an animated film.  Discover more.


NS Harsha (INDIA) with Artes Mundi (WALES) and Glynn Vivian Art Gallery (WALES)


Artes Mundi and the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery have worked with pre-eminent Indian artist NS Harsha to exhibit his largest UK solo exhibition to date in Swansea. Discover more

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