Dan Green

Sisters is a brand new, contemporary work, co-created by National Theatre Wales and India’s Junoon Theatre, imagined by a group of female artists from Wales and India, exploring their linked roots and histories.

The project began mid 2017 as an international conversation and collaboration between British-Asian and Indian female performers, artists, creatives and designers. It seeks to explore and challenge notions of what it means to be an Asian woman today. It will also investigate the mythical cultural history of both India and Wales and the role of the female within these myths.

The initial exploration investigates how our heritage and our cultural patrimony intersects with our contemporary lives and identities as women; what has shaped us and led us to the point at which we now find ourselves? What is it to be a woman today in India and the UK? What impact has migration and partition had on our lives and families? How can we speak to our ‘sisters’ when they live on the other side of the world?

This all-female work-in-progress by leading British-Asian and Indian artists will culminate in a performance in Cardiff on 20 April 2018 - find out more  

Sisters aims to hold a mirror up to life as a south Asian woman today, wherever she lives; the echoes and the contradictions, the (in)visibility and the comradeship, all told with playfulness, honesty and humour.

Sisters is us at our best, our worst, our strongest, our weakest. Unadorned and visible, we just are.

This project is part of India Wales, a joint initiative between Wales Arts International and the British Council that supports artistic collaboration and exchange between creative professionals and arts organisations in Wales and India. Find out more about India Wales 

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