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Due to school closures we’re sorry to say that the competition has been postponed, we will give an update about the competition later this year. 

The good news is that children can take part in the multilingual story writing challenge on healthy eating from home; and we have some resources to help. 

We hope they will have fun and enjoy learning about healthy eating, other cultures and learning foreign languages.


In the resource document that can be downloaded below, there are a range of tasks and tools to help.

Start off by learning about what healthy eating is, then learn about different countries, food and recipes from around the world, as well as learning a foreign language.

This will help with the next task which is to write a story with illustrations on the topic of healthy eating using three different languages: English, Welsh and a foreign language of their choice. 

We’d also like them to include aspects of the culture of the foreign language in their story.  

Tasks are suitable for children age 7 - 11. 

Learning objective

To bring languages and different cultures to life in pupils’ learning, through this multilingual story writing task. 

The resource includes tasks that will help with the story writing: 

  • Discussion and research questions on healthy eating, children should use technology or books to independently research and answer these. 
  • Tasks such as researching recipes and making food from around the world. 
  • Tables with words and phrases in different languages: Welsh, Spanish, French, Italian and German. 
  • A template, on page 12, that can be filled in with additional words in different foreign languages that children find using online tools.
  • Questions to guide the writing of a story on the topic of healthy eating
  • Templates to write and illustrate a story on the topic of healthy eating, as a comic or as a booklet

Download the resource document below 

Sharing work

We would love for the world to see what they are learning and creating at home, and to show children that they are still connected even if they are separated.  

Please share a photograph or video of their work on Twitter using hashtag: #MultilingualStory and #CultureConnectsUs and tag @BCouncil_Wales or email us:

Where possible, we will share on our Twitter page. 


For any queries, please contact